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Window and Carpet Cleaning

No job too small... No building too high!!!

KS Cleaning Contractors Ltd also offer bespoke window and carpet cleaning services to the greater Taunton area. Our experienced staff are skilled and efficient and will leave your property looking just like new and smelling great.

Window cleaning Taunton

Ionic Reach and Wash System

We clean windows in and around the Taunton area both manually and with the use of a Reach and Wash System. We are able to clean windows up to 60ft without the use of ladders or cherry pickers.

Please visit for further information on the Reach & Wash System.

If you would like to know about what we can do for your Taunton window cleaning needs, please contact us so we can work together to create a cleaning package and price that is tailored to your requirements.

Professional Carpet cleaning Taunton

Our resident Taunton carpet cleaners at KS Cleaning Contractors Ltd use dry foam techniques and equipment, which will leave your carpets/stairs clean, fresh and stain free. We work flexible schedules that fit around you and your flow to make sure your premise is spotless and tidy every time you need it.

Why not get in contact and tell us about your Taunton carpet cleaning needs so we can discuss a cleaning package that is right for you.